Handheld H2S detector, analyser – toxic gas detection

PGD-H2S is portable, handheld battery operated gas detector for toxic limit detection and alarm for h2s gas in ambient air etc. It is equipped with large LCD display, internal alarm, flashing LED, datalogger facility, suction pump etc and safe for working in hazardous areas


Portable H2S Detector (Model: PGD)pdf-image

Battery operated, handheld detector for toxic limit detection – diffusion, suction pump, internal alarm, datalogger, vibration
Make: EK Engineering
Model: PGD

portable H2S detector, battery operated, toxic limit alarm
Portable H2S detector, battery operated, toxic limit alarm

PGD-H2S is portable, handheld gas detector powered by 6V battery for toxic limit detection of hydrogen sulphide in air, confined space, pipeline, sewage lines, manholes etc.

It works on electro-chemical sensor technology, with either diffusion based sampling or active suction pump sampling. It is equipped with large LCD Display for alarm, measuring value readout, battery status etc.

It has inbuilt alarm with LED flasher, vibration with optional data-logging facility, and RS232 output for data transfer.

Key Features:

  • Accurate detection
  • Battery operated, portable
  • Light weight
  • Large LCD display
  • Inbuilt vibration, alarm with flasher
  • Data-logging facility
  • Optional: sample suction facility
  • configurable alarm limit
  • High resolution and accuracy

Key Considerations:

  • measuring range: 0-50 ppm (other range also available)
  • accuracy: +/- 2% Full scale
  • resolution: 0.1 ppm
  • response time t90 < 15 sec
  • RS232 output

Typical Applications area include:

  • Oil & Gas, refinery
  • Sewage, municipal pipelines
  • Gas bunkers
  • Confined space