Systems And Skids

Complete, ready-to-install, pre-designed, customised systems and skids for:

  • air ventilation – gas monitoring, control and automation in basement parking, garage, car parks
  • gas monitoring in reticulation systems in canteen, kitchen, hotels, domestic apartments
  • Hydrogen detection and control system in battery charging rooms in industries, army / cantonment, hotels, server rooms
  • Proactive Early fire detection system to detection fire before smoke.
  • gas monitoring system in fire detection
  • Wind direction / speed, velocity, gas monitoring, visibility in tunnel ventilation
  • Air Filter/ Fan status monitoring system
  • Ammonia, temperature + humidity, CO2 monitoring in cold stores, ripening chambers
  • Carbonatisation / Decarbonisation system
  • Aeration system
  • Effluent treatment plants
  • Furnace ventilation and toxic gas monitoring system
  • Tank level monitoring and pump contol & automation system

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