Programmable Logic Controller – PLC Panel

We are fastest growing company providing total automation solutions in the area of Process and Factory Automation, Machine Automation, VFD (AC/DC Drives) Panels, Substation Automation, Energy Management System, Building Automation.

We provide PLC panel with complete integration and automation with field devices, as per clients’ and process needs, in compliance with statutory and safety guidelines. We take solution approach rather than product approach for our all systems, hence giving holistic solution and integration to the client.

Our PLC solutions find application in all industries including cement, power, parking ventilation and so on.

We help client assess their needs, engineer and implement the right technology from today’s industry leading providers of hardware, software, tools, and other enabling technologies. This assures a custom-tailored solution that not only integrates with existing process but also provides a growth path to the future.

We offer PLC Panel and automation for following applications:

  • Parking ventilation monitoring, control and automation with fresh air / exhaust fan control, to meet ventilation and energy demand
  • Cold store, rooms, ripening chamber instrumentation monitoring and Ventilation control
  • Building ventilation automation
  • Gas Bank, kitchen, restaurant leakage monitoring and ventilation
  • Engine test bench toxic gas monitoring and ventilation automation
  • Integration of gas monitoring with fire alarm system
  • Field instrumentation (Gas, flow, pressure, humidity, temperature etc) monitoring
  • Chiller control and automation
  • LPG / PNG leakage monitoring and alarm

PLC panel for shipyard, battery room, tank level monitoring, furnace monitoring

Application industries:

  • Office, Malls, Apartments, commercial buildings
  • Cement, manufacturing units
  • Coal mines, coal handling plants, bunker, stockyard
  • Power plants – thermal, nuclear, hydro
  • Hydrocarbon, paints, petrochemical industries
  • Automobile and ancillaries units
  • Marine, shipyard, naval
  • Tunnels, underground bunkers
  • Steel, rolling mills
  • Food, beverages and processing units

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