Welcome to EK Engineering

We are one of fastest growing supplier and system integrator for products and solutions for process monitoring – pressure, flow, level, velocity, temperature, moisture, TDS, gas concentration, conductivity etc; safety monitoring – toxic and flammable gases detection; air handling & ventilation, water treatment; and control & automation. We also offer building automation system (BMS) solutions to our clients. We cater to all commercial and industrial segment including cement, pharmaceuticals, brewery, dairy, power plants, mines, building etc.

HVAC Products

AMCA (air & sound), UL555, UL555S certified Axial & Centrifugal fans, Fire & Smoke dampers, Tunnel Dampers, Kitchen & Lab Exhaust System, Heat Recovery System, Air Scrubbers, ADP, Air Washer, AHU, FCU.EK Engineering air ventilation products - axial fans, jet fans, dampers

Gas, Fire & Flame Detection

Gas detection, alarm & control for all toxic, flammable, oxygen gas for residential, commercial, industrial applications. CE, UL, SIL2, ATEX certified for Hazardous areas Zone 1, 2. Flame detector with UV / IR, IR3 technology with FM, ATEX approval.Gas detection, flame, early fire & smoke detection, alarm and control system

Control & Automation System

PLC, MCC, VFD panel, control system for parking ventilation, fan control, gas alarm & control, machine automation, motor control etc. BMS implementation, with Fire alarm system integration, alarm control for safe and hazardous area.PLC, VFD, MCC panels for control & automation, BMS system for industrial, parking, commercial application

Process Sensors

HVAC & Process instruments for pressure, temperature, flow, velocity, humidity, condensation, electric actuators, light, sound, radiation, density, specific gravity. For Safe and Haz locations with ATEX, FM, UL, CE certification.Process, HVAC instruments for pressure, level, flow, temperature, humidity, PM2.5, light, velocity

Meteorological Instruments

Weather stations, wind speed / direction, barometric pressure, light, sound, particulate matter, temperature, humidity, solar radiations etc for tunnels, industries, Oil & Gas, mining, Ocean studies, Defense etc.Meteorological instruments for weather monitoring, wind speed, direction, particulate matter, lux

Water Treatment Skids

SKIDs for de-aeration, carbonation, oxygenation, DE-mineralisation, high gravity blending, dosing for pharma, brewery, food, biotechnology etc. Density, sugar conc. gravity etc monitoring instruments – portable, online type.Process SKIDs from Centec GmbH for deaeration, demineralisation etc for breweries, dairy, food