Particulate Matter PM2.5 Monitor

PM2.5 particulate matter monitoring with temperature, humidity measurement for ambient air in commercial and residential applications, thus offer complete picture of your ambient air quality, comfort level.


Particulate Matter PM2.5 MonitorPoint Temperature Transmitterpdf-image
with temepture and humidity monitoring, RS485 output
Make: EK Engineering
Model: GP25

Dust or Particulate pollution is salient but very hazardous for occupant health. Particulate matter (PM) is a particle pollution, produced due to many mechanical, chemical, thermal process.
These particulate matter are present in many size and so technically classified into two segments:

  • PM10: particules size between 2.5 and 10 microns diameter
  • PM2.5: particle size small than 2.5 microns.

Smaller the particle the longer it can remain suspended in the air before settling, and more hazardous to health, causing lung problems, cancer, asthma, breathing problems, irritation etc.

PM2.5 Monitor for dust, pollution monitoring

With non-corrosive stainless steel sensor probe, temperature compensated measurement, TDPT is ideal products for demanding applications where operating pressure is very high. With analog output and serial interface Modbus, it can be easily integrated with any BMS or SCADA systems.

Product Features::

  • High accuracy
  • Highly reliable in-built optical infra-red LED sensor technology for PM2.5 measurement.
  • Real time monitor indoor PM2.5 concentration.
  • High accuracy temperature & RH measurement
  • Temperature, humidity compensated measurement for accurate monitoring
  • Nine point calibrated measurement for better accuracy
  • Real time value and moving average value of PM2.5, temperature and RH value display on LCD.
  • Six color change LCD for different environment conditions.
  • RS485 interface with Modbus RTU protocol


  • Commercial and residential buildings
  • Theater, auditorium, conference halls
  • Office, Schools