Thermo Air Velocity Transmitter

Digital air velocity transmitter for air velocity, flow and temperature measurement, without or with display, with temperature compensation, analog and digital Modbus output, configurable output unit & measuring range. Wall and remote probe options.


Digital Thermo Air Velocity Transmitterpdf-image
for air velocity, air flow, temperature monitoring
Make: EK Engineering
Model: AVT

AVT is digital air velocity transmitter with temperature monitoring with local and remote monitoring probe for industrial and commercial applications, building ventilation, air ducts, air pipes etc.

Digital thermo air velocity transmitter

With non-corrosive stainless steel sensor probe, temperature compensated measurement, AVT is ideal product for any commercial and industrial installations. With analog output and serial interface Modbus, it can be easily integrated with any standard BMS or SCADA systems.

AVT can be used for continuous monitoring of air velocity, air flow, air volume in supply as well as return air ducts. It comes with option of onboard local display to facilitate user for local monitoring.

With its remote probe option, transmitter module can be mounted at suitable location, away from location of monitoring.

Product Features::

  • Capable of temperature compensation and linear adjustment
  • Optional: Double line character : air velocity & temperature
  • Optional: local or remote sensor probe
  • Configurable air velocity measurement unit:m/s, ft/s, km/h, mph, knot
  • RS-485 Communication Interface, MODBUS RTU protocol
  • Configurable measuring range/analog output/ station number by dip switch & RS-485
  • Off SET function by bottom/ UI software
  • Programmable software : DATA LOGGER, record, and chart analysis
  • Analog output, linear, proportional


  • Monitor gas and flow for industrial process
  • Compressed air consumption measurement
  • HVAC, building, factory, Clean room, hospital
  • Semiconductor, electronics, paper, iron and steel, food, Pharmaceutical, biotechnology industry