Industrial Flue Gas & Emission Analyser – Multigas

EPA compliance–level emissions & flue gas, parameter monitoring with E8500. Hand-held, light weight analyzer with upto 9 gas sensors, wireless remote printer, big LCD Display, bluetooth connection, built-in chiller with rechargeable battery.


Model: E8500pdf-image
Make: E Instruments
For boiler, engine, furnace and other combustion analysis
E8500 is portable, hand held, light weighted flue & emission analyser for analysis of gas composition, temperature, pressure, velocity etc parameters of any type of combustion and emission, thus support in combustion & process efficiency and pollution control in industrial and commercial applications eg boiler, furnace, stack, plume, Engine etc installations.


  • Configurable up to 9 Gas Sensors: O2, CO, NO, NO2, SO2, H2S (Electrochemical), CO2, CxHy, High CO (NDIR)
  • Low NOx and “True” NOx Measurements
  • Built–in Thermoelectric Chiller with Automatic Condensate Removal
  • Wireless Remote Printer
  • Draft & Differential Pressure Measurement
  • Multi-Channel Thermometer
  • Software for Real–Time Data Logging, Graphing, and Reporting
  • Bluetooth Wireless Communications
  • CO Dilution Auto–Range for Measurements up to 20,000ppm
  • Automatic Long–Term Monitoring & Data Logging with Internal Memory
  • High Temperature Probes with Sintered Filter
  • Gas Velocity Measurements with Pitot Tube
  • CO2%, Efficiency, & Excess Air Calculations
  • Rotating & Zoom LCD Display
  • High Speed Microprocessor for faster value processing
  • Light Weight, Durable, & Easy to Transport Design
  • Complies with US EPA CTM-030 & CTM-034 test methods
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • PC Software Package

E8500 is a powerful, multi-feature, portable analyser designed for flue gas, plume emissions monitoring, maintenance and datalogging of combustion parameters of flue gas, stack gas, boilers, burners, gas & diesel engines, turbines, furnaces, kilns, heaters, and laboratory analysis.

  • Monitoring of flue gas and stack gas composition
  • Measure and monitor combustion efficiency in any industry – chemical, fertilizer, pharma, steel etc
  • Pollution monitoring and control by monitoring exhaust composition