AutoVent+ CO Monitoring & Control

AutoVent+ CO is simple design, high efficiency, robust performance based air ventilation automation system with toxic carbon monoxide monitoring and fan control (axial fans, jet fans). Due to its digital architecture and unique features, it saves on 30~40% cost on installation, integration and maintenance.

AutoVent can be integrated with BMS, fire alarm system and SCADA.

It is best ventilation automation system for car parking, tunnel ventilation needs.


CO Controlled Ventilation Automation System

for toxic carbon monoxide measurement, ventilation fans (axial fans, jet fans) control and automation with feedback mechanism
Make: EK Engineering
Model: AutoVent+ CO

Permissible limits:

  • Carbon monoxide: 25 ppm for 8 hours; 35 ppm for 15 mins
CO Controlled ventilation system - General Architecture
Air Ventilation measurement and control System – General Architecture

CO controlled ventilation automation system – AutoVent System comprises of CO sensor transmitter with monitoring and control unit.

  • Sensor: GST-CO
  • Controller Unit

Silent Features:

  • 30%~40% saving on system installation cost
  • Low system maintenance cost
  • Faster installation and termination
  • Easy integration
  • Easy troubleshooting
  • Easy design

Working Principle:

CO based ventilation automation system, AutoVent, is specially designed PLC based control unit or programmable control unit for ventilation monitoring & control. It receive to signals from various gas detector units, process the signals and generate control events based on pre-defined parameters. Based on pre-defined logic, it will operates, regulate, stop-start axial / jet fans, alarm units, ventilation system – dampers etc.

AutoVent system is designed on digital communication based programmable logic controller (PLC) system. Due to its unique features, AutoVent can fetch signals from as high as 96 detector units, connected in daisy – chain fashion. Thus, this architecture not only save huge capital investment on system installation (cable purchase cost, laying cost), but also on design, implementation, integration and maintenance.

With its advance feature, it can remotely control onboard potential free relays on detector unit, thereby remote triggering alarms / fan control etc.

It also offers signal readout of each detection units, fault recognisation in the system, location of fault, location of alarm, in text as well as graphical mattern. AutoVent is equipped with colored LCD display, thus offering onsite user friendly control and system configuration.

With its inbuilt digital output, it can be integrated with fire alarm system to generate fire signal. As well it can be connected to BMS System.

Key Features of CO detection unit: (Model: GST-CO)

  • Capable of providing continuous, online measurement and monitoring of CO concentration in ambient air, ducted air
  • Measuring range: 0-300 ppm or 0-500 ppm CO
  • Based on electro-chemical galvanic (Gel electrolyte) technology with low evaporation rate
  • UL2075 certified sensor
  • Optional: capable of monitoring CO radicals, for early fire & Smoke detection
  • Response time t90 < 30 sec
  • Sensor has high fidelity with no sensitivity of background gases
  • Offer analog as well as Modbus RS485 RTU output
  • No affect by temperature, humidity, vibration, moisture and other parameters
  • Equipped with hydrophobic and oleophobic arrangement as well as maintaining pressure equalization, to protect electronics from dust, moisture, oils and pressure.
  • Jumper selectable voltage or current analog output
  • Has capability to transmit signals over distance 0-900 meters
  • Fire retardant UL94: V0 rated enclosure
  • Wall mountable without need of further mounting bracket etc.
  • Minimum IP54 protected housing
  • Optional: potential free relays for local alarm / device operation.
  • Optional: LCD Display with gas type, concentration and unit readout.
  • Optional: Duct mountable arrangement.
  • Sensor cell is plug-in, field replaceable
  • Sensor element poisoning protection (with all and other ambient gases like SO2, Tin oxide etc.)
  • Over flooding and overexposure protection
  • Sensor life expectancy > 7 years, replaceable sensor cell
  • Capable of mounting in any direction, with no effect on performance, output and life of these sensors (no orientation problems)
  • Reverse polarity and short circuit protection
  • Low voltage operation
  • CE, UL certified
  • Should have immunity to RF/FM INTERFERENCE as per the guidelines of EMC- Directive 2004/ 108/ EEC

Key Specifications of Controller Unit:

  • Monitor 1 to 96 detection units, based on digital architecture.
  • Programmable in accordance to user-defined control logic.
  • 230VAC operational supply, with auxiliary power supply to connected detection units.
  • Capable of receiving and sending signals to detection units.
  • Capable of remote control of onboard relays on detection units, to regulate local alarm units.
  • Equipped with colored LCD human machine interface display unit for – continuous gas concentration at each detection unit, parameter name, location of detection unit, alarm status of each unit, fan status, fire alarm status etc.
  • Capable to detecting signal faults
  • Auto-diagnostic watchdog with built in error code, fault LED indication informing about the type of system error/fault
  • Password protected so that un-authorized persons cannot alter the set parameters
  • Capable of configuring each alarm relay, detection units parameters etc.
  • Capable of configurable multiple alarm levels at each detection unit
  • Equipped with facility to connect to BMS system
  • Wall / stand mountable enclosure with IP65 protection against dust and water.
  • Equipped with alarm acknowledgement facility
  • Equipped with facility for auto or manual fan operations
  • Digital output and control signals for fan electrical panels
  • Equipped with facility for integration with fire alarm panel
  • Wall or stand mountable unit
  • Optional: configurable with variable frequency drives for axial / centrifugal fans
  • Optional: configurable with inbuilt electrical starter for fans

Applications areas:

  • Basement or underground car park
  • Tunnels
  • Furnace, combustion area
  • Incinerator area