Wind Direction and Speed Sensor Transmitter – Vane type

Wind speed and direction sensor transmitter WS Series, is available in two version – wind speed, and wind speed + direction sensor. It is wind tunnel tested instrument, based windvane with magnetically operated reed switches. It offers linear analog output as well as optionally with LonWorks FTT, for integration with BMS or SCADA system.


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Wind tunnel tested, vane type sensor transmitter for speed and direction measurement
Model: WS Series

Wind Speed and direction sensor transmitter - WS series
Wind Speed and direction sensor transmitter – WS series

WS series wind speed and direction sensor is based on dynamically balance wind vane with triple ballrace shaft. It has inbuilt mercury wetted reed switches translate to wind speed analog signals.

The instrument is wind tunnel tested device and can easily integrated with LON based building automation or SCADA systems, for
monitoring and control purpose.

Key Features:

  • Mercury wetted reed switches for bounce-free pulse output for speed
  • 0~1 kohm output for wind direction
  • Low inertia cup assembly for fast response
  • Magnetically operated
  • Dynamically balance wind vane with triple ballrace shaft
  • Wind tunnel tested
  • LonWorks version in FTT

Key Specifications:

  • Measuring range:
    • Speed: 0 ~ 90 m/s, Magnetically operated, mercury wetted reed switch
    • Wind direction: 0~360°, resistive sensor
  • Sensor technology: non-dispersive infra-red sensor cell, Gold plated, dual beam
  • Output: analog output, FTT
  • IP65 ingress protection
  • EN-50081-1 Emission, EN-50082-2 immunity approved

Applications areas:

  • Weather stations – tunnel, industries, manufacturing units, survey / monitoring facility
  • Environment monitoring facilities
  • Agriculture
  • Sports facility
  • Marine and harbor applications
  • Airports, space facility