Water condensation sensor / detector

Water condensation detector WCD is cost effective, accurate device for moisture or condensation detection in chill beam, server rooms for mounting on glass, ceiling or wall surface.

It can be easily integrated with PLC / Controller / BMS with its potential free or current output.


Water Condensation Detector

for chill beams, datacentres, machine rooms, electrical panels
Model: WCD

Water condensation detector WCD is cost effective, accurate and performance oriented device, for water, conductive liquid presence detection. It provide potential free relay output or current output when condensation detection.

With inbuilt adjustable setpoint, relay or output can be programmed in accordance to application requirement. User can monitor device status and relay contact status with inbuilt LED.

water condensation detector - Cost effective solution
Water condensation detector

Key Features:

  • Inbuilt Status LED
  • Mountable on any surface
  • Fast response
  • Accurate and robust

Technical Specifications:

  • Alarm / Relay Status LED
  • Measurement accuracy: temperature: +/- 0.2 °C
  • Response time: < 5 sec
  • Output: potential free relay or current output
  • Strap-on or screw mounting


  • Chill beam
  • datacentre, server rooms
  • Electrical, machine rooms