Tubular Centrifugal Fans – TCB / TCBRU / TCBRS

The TCBRS roof mounted supply fan is designed for intake air systems with pressures up to 4 inches of wg and where low sound is required. The TCBRS hood intake is located at a sufficient height above the roof to limit entry of roof debris and snow. In addition, the hood has sufficient intake area to keep velocities low. Filters are available to collect dust and moisture before entering the building. Motor and drive protection is provided with a weatherproof motor cover. For ease of installation, TCBRS fans are shipped assembled and have curb caps for attaching to roof curbs. TCBRS fans are available in either painted steel or aluminum construction.
• Ducted supply systems
• Industrial space supply
• Filtered supply

TCBRS fan selections can be made using the TCB inline performance data (pgs. 12 to 31) along with the following system effect curves. The pressure loss determined to the left must be added to the external system static pressure to assure accurate selections. Greenheck’s Computer Aided Product Selection (CAPS) software will add these system effects automatically



Tubular Centrifugal Fans – TCB / TCBRU / TCBRS

TCB series of inline centrifugal fans are designed for ducted inline, roof upblast, and roof supply installations. Whether the application is commercial or industrial, Greenheck tubular centrifugal fans provide quiet, efficient, and reliable air performance. All TCB products are belt driven with motors out of the airstream. Housings are constructed of welded steel or aluminum (optional) and are suitable for indoor or outdoor applications. The backward inclined wheels are manufactured from aluminum and are suitable for clean air or fume exhaust applications. All TCB products meet “Type B” construction as defined by AMCA Standard 99-0401 Classification for Spark Resistant Construction. In addition, the TCB is available with the UL 762 listing for restaurant exhaust applications.
• Sizes from 09 to 36
• Performance Range: 360 to 24,000 cfm (610 – 40,750 m³/hr)
• Static Pressure: Up to 4.5 in. wg (1,125 Pa)
• Max Operating Temperature: 200°F (90°C)
• Horizontal or Vertical Mounting