Temperature & Humidity Controller

Combined temperature and humidity controller with LCD Display and dry contacts for damper control, AHU, filter, fan control, chiller automation.


Model: TKG Series
Make: EK Engineering
TKG series is combined Temperature + Humidity detector with inbuilt sensor and dry contacts for air temperature and relative humidity measurement and control of ventilation products.TKG is available in three probe variance – wall mount, duct mount and remote mounting, thus ideal for monitoring in any locations – room, confined space, duct, pipeline etc.

Salient Features:
• Inbuilt combined temperature and relative humidity sensor
• External sensing probe to accurate measurement, without any affect from component heating
• White backlit LCD Display
• Mounting options – wall, duct and remote probe.
• 2 potential free relay contacts
• CE approved
• Mounting options: wall, duct, remote probe
• ModBUS RS485 serial interface optional
• Wireless optional

TKG - temperature humidity controller
Combined Air temp + RH detector with display, digital output