Wall transfer fans


Make: Greenheck, USApdf-image
Model: CBF

Model CBF direct drive wall transfer fans are designed for economy and reliability in small size, high volume applications. Efficient propeller, venturi and motor design results in low sound levels with minimal restriction to airflow. Works great for ventilating equipment rooms, plumbing and electrical chases.
Model CBF transfer fans shall be dual direct drive axial type. Housing construction shall be galvanized steel. The dual motors shall be permanently lubricated, heavy-duty type carefully matched to the fan load. Power pack shall have an internal plug type power connection to facilitate easy removal of the power pack. Power pack assembly shall be removable for ease of installation and cleaning. Grille shall be constructed of steel and powder coated with a white finish. Tinnerman clips shall be used to hold the grille to the housing.


Wall Transfer fans
Wall mount Transfer fans

• Mountable in any wall construction
• Fits in place of a standard 16 by 8 inch concrete block
• Performance to 500 cfm and up to 0.4 in. wg
• UL recognized motor
• Mounting flanges for easy installation

Standard Construction Feature:
Typical applications include:
• Corrosion-resistant galvanized steel housing
• Tinnerman clips for grille mounting
• Junction box for easy wiring
• Mounting flanges
• Powder coated steel grille