Mancoolers – MCY / MCB / MCP

Air circulation fans shall be of the direct drive, tube axial type. Propeller construction shall be cast aluminium airfoil. A standard square key type or tapered bushing shall lock the propeller to the motor shaft. Propellers shall be statically and dynamically balanced. The housing shall be constructed of welded heavy gauge steel for strength and rigidity. The motor support shall be constructed of structural steel members to prevent vibration and to rigidly support the motor and propeller. All structural steel parts shall be coated with Permatector™ for a long lasting finish. Fan performance shall be based on tests and procedures performed in accordance with AMCA Publication 211 and comply with the requirements of the AMCA Certified Ratings Program. Fans shall be licensed to bear the AMCA Seal. Mancoolers fans shall be Model MC as manufactured by Greenheck Fan Corporation of Schofield, Wisconsin.



Mancoolers – MCY / MCB / MCP


Greenheck Model MC Mancooler fans are direct drive, tube axial fans designed for applications where localized air direction and circulation are required. Mancoolers increase comfort levels in high temperature work environments, cool processes and equipment, remove smoke and fumes and generate a barrier for insects. These fans are also effective in destratifying air. Warm air accumulated at ceiling level can be directed toward the floor, and hot spots can be dissipated. Destratifying reduces energy costs and directs warm air where it is needed. Multiple mancoolers can also be used as part of a general plant ventilation system to improve air quality and general comfort.