Flame Detector – Industrial, UV/ IR Spectrum, ATEX, FM certified, analog output

Flame detector RFD2X is ATEX, FM approved instrument for general fire detection in hazardous as well as safe areas.atex-explosion-image

RFD2X is based on UV / IR technology, detecting fire over long distance, with no cross-sensitivity and false alarms. It has wide view angle upto 30 meter detection range. IP67 protected with SUS 316 housing, it can be installed at any location – chemical industry, oil & gas refinery, power plants etc


UV IR Flame detector – UV / IR spectrum, ATEX, FM approved, analog linear output, relay output

based on UV / IR technology, to detect fire incidence, non-contact type, 100 ft range, analog output
Model: RFD2X

Flame detector, RFD2X is highly efficient, compact device to detect flame / fire incidence. RFD2x works on UV / IR spectrum detection technology. As it is IP67 ingress protected with ATEX, FM certified approval, it can be install at non-hazardous areas like electrical room, cold stores, warehouse etc, or explosion proof areas like oil rig, refinery, bottling plants, battery rooms, cracker unit.


Due to highly efficient detection and wide view angle, it ideal for flame detection for 90° horizontal and vertical view upto 30 meter distance. It can be easily integrated with analog or digital system controller / BMS / SCADA system, with its standard analog signals, digital output and digital RS485 signals. With its unique feature, it provides fault and warning signals, in case of abnormal operation.

Being stainless steel enclosed with IP67 protection, it can be install at application area, be it coal mines, offshore platform, cold stores, refinery, power plants etc.

The RFD2X (Explosion proof) detector discriminates between flames and other light sources by responding only to set optical wavelenghts and flame flicker frequencies. The built-in filters and signal processing techniques help reduce false alarms due to flickering sunlight.

UV IR Flame detector - RFD2X - wide view angle, ATEX, FM, Alarm & fault alert, linear analog output
UV/ IR Flame detector – RFD2X – wide view angle, ATEX, FM, Alarm & fault alert, linear analog output

Key Features:

  • Wide view angle – horizontal and vertical
  • Built-in Ultra violet and Infrared flame Sensors
  • Explosion Proof (ATEX Ex d IIB + H2)
  • Range of view up to 100ft. (30m)
  • Reduces false alarm by built-in combination filters and signal processing techniques
  • IP67 Rated for water and dust tight protection
  • 4-20mA Output
  • 3 built-in relays (Alarm, Fault & Warning Alarm)
  • ATEX, FM approved
  • High accuracy and repeatability

Technical Specifications:

  • Measuring Parameters: flame (general) detection, fire incidence detection
  • Technology: UV / IR spectrum
  • Detection range: 0- 30 meter ( 0 – 100 ft)
  • Field of View : Horizontal: 90 °, Vertical: 90 °
  • Ambient temperature: -40 ~ +75 ° C
  • Storage temperature: -50 ~ +80 ° C
  • Power Supply: 24V DC
  • Interface: analog or relay output
  • Sensor Housing: SUS 316
  • Ingress protection: IP67
  • Approval: FM (US) 3260, ATEX


The RFD2X (explosion proof) Ultra Violet Infrared flame detector is suited for installation where open flame fires may be expected. It responds to the light frequencies emitted from flames during combustion. This detector is used to detect flames from burning aviation fuels, butane, grain & feeds, hydrogen, paper, natural gas, and petrol.

  • Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, refinery
  • Chemicals
  • Cold stores
  • Pharmaceuticals, medicinal formulation