Fischer NS01 – level switch for liquid, viscous media, FDA approved

Fischer NS01 is microprocessor based FDA compliant level switch which works on dielectric quality of media with high frequency alternating field. It is suitable for liquids, viscous media, paste-like liquids eg. chocolate, flour, toothpaste etc


Fischer NS01 – FDA compliant, level switch for liquid, viscous media, high operating temperature

pdf-imagemicroprocessor controlled, FDA approved, RoHS compliant, level switch for liquid, semi-solid, sticky, paste-like, adhesive media
Make: Fischer Messtechnik (Germany)
Model: NS01


Fischer NS01 is high accuracy, robust level switch with FDA compliance, for monitoring level of liquids, viscous media, paste like materials etc.

Fischer NS01 - media dielectric quality level switch, FDA compliant, for viscous media
Fischer NS01 – media dielectric quality level switch, FDA compliant, for viscous media

Working Principle:

Fischer NS01 is microprocessor based level switch with integrated interface. In addition to its integrated change-over function, it suits sensitivity of the device to dielectric quality of the media. Formation of crusts and drainage behaviour can be visualised and controlled by using the software process diagram. Key features are switching points and – especially therefore separated setting of hysteresis to suit process.

The adjusted value is reproducible by additional actions like dynamic compensation of temperature.

When NS01 comes in contact with the medium, high frequency alternating field is used for level measurement. It is bought to process through an on-media side isolated PEEK-socket. The device is integrated into the process through socket welding or modular adaption.

The alternating field launched into process is changed by dielectric qualities of the medium (dielectric constant). This causes a change in interpretation of sensor. Medium detection is performed by switching an electric output.


Key Features:

  • Socket welding system with modular process adaption
  • Measuring point free of dead space
  • Adjustable for various media
  • Material contact to media from PEEK
  • FDA compliant

Key Specifications:

  • Maximum operating pressure: 10 bar
  • Permissible media temperature: 0° C to +100° C (permanent)
  • Permissible ambient temperature: -10° C to +70° C
  • Ingress protection: IP69K
  • Response time < 0.2 sec
  • Cleaning / sterilisation: +150 ° C (max. 30 mins)
  • Operating voltage: 18 ~ 32 V DC
  • Output signal: max. 50 mA (active)
  • Output: reversible (inverting)
  • Pressure connection: G 1/2 thread
  • Connection housing: stainless steel 1.4305
  • Tip of the sensor: PEEK
  • Gasket: free from elastomer


Application areas:

  • Monitoring of minimum or maximum filling levels of vessels
  • Protection of pumps against dry running
  • Detection of liquid level in vessels and pipes

Industrial areas:

  • Food processing
  • Dairy processing
  • Marine, shipping, ship building
  • Water, effluent treatment system
  • Process plants