Fischer NK06 – GL approved conductivity type liquid level transmitter

Fischer NK06 is German Lloyd approved conductivity type liquid level transmitter control for conductive liquids eg. water, waste water, sewage etc. It is suitable for liquids having conductivity more than 5µS/cm.


Fischer NK06 – GL approved conductivity type Liquid Level transmitter – waste water, water, sewage

pdf-imageRugged, GL approved, corrosion-resistant, conductivity type, level transmitter for water, sewage, waste water etc
Make: Fischer Messtechnik (Germany)
Model: NK06


Fischer NK06 is German Lloyd structural tested conductivity type level sensing transmitter. It is suitable for detection and control of conductive liquids like water, sewage, waste water etc.


Fischer NK06 - German lloyd approved conductivity type liquid level transmitter
Fischer NK06 – German lloyd approved conductivity type liquid level transmitter

Working Principle:

NK06 sensor use conductivity of liquids to detect liquid level. When the liquid is in contact with at least two of the electrodes (or one electrodes and the walls of metallic vessel), a conductive path is created for a very small electric current flow.
The electronic unit supplies the excitation voltage for this circuit and detects the presence or absence of a minimum electric current threshold in the circuit path.

Conductivity type level sensors are compatible with liquids with conductivity equal or greater than 5µS / cm.

When the liquid falls below the low detection level, the internal relay in the electronic unit is set and the output reply is energised, which causes filling of the vessel. When the liquid reaches high detection unit, internal relay is cancelled and output relay is de-energised, causing filling to stop.


Key Features:

  • Rugged design
  • IP67 ingress protection
  • Easy setup and installation

Key Specifications:

  • Number of electrodes: 1 ~ 3
  • Operating pressure: 10 bar (max)
  • Enclosure classification: IP65
  • Electrical connection: DIN EN 175301-803 standard plug-in connector; GL Approved
  • Media temperature: 60° C
  • Ambient temperature: -20° C ~ +50° C
  • Electrode head, material: brass
  • Electrode, material: Stainless steel (1.4305)
  • Liquid conductivity: ≥ 5µS / cm (min)
  • Threaded stem: G 1 male
  • Approval: German Lloyd certificate no.93 825-86 HH


Application areas:

NK06 level sensor probe is generally used with model ER67 (GT76) electronic control unit. This arrangement is suitable for wide range of level control applications, eg.

  • Monitoring of minimum or maximum filling levels of vessels
  • Protection of pumps against dry running
  • Differentiating oil and water levels within enclosed oil / water separators

Industrial areas:

  • Power plants
  • Marine, shipping, ship building
  • Water, effluent treatment system