Fischer NC57 – Capacitive liquid level transmitter – diesel, water, sewage

Fischer NC57 is rugged, industrial grade liquid level transmitter based on capacitive sensor cell. It is single electrodes and suitable for all liquids including diesel, hydrocarbons, water, sewage, effluent etc.

It can be designed for 400 ~ 2000 mm depth and configurable with remote device.


Fischer NC57 – Capacitive type Liquid Level transmitter – diesel, effluent, water, sewage

pdf-imageRugged, long term stable, corrosion-resistant, capacitive sensor, level transmitter for diesel, water, sewage, waste water, hydrocarbons etc
Make: Fischer Messtechnik (Germany)
Model: NC57


Fischer NC57 is liquid tank or container level sensor transmitter with capacitive sensor cell. It can be installed at metal tanks and configured for level depth of 400 to 2000 mm.


Fischer NC57 - capacitive level sensor for conductive media - water, waste water, sewage
Fischer NC57 – capacitive level sensor for conductive media – water, waste water, sewage

Working Principle:

A metal rod need to be mounted at a fixed distance from the tank wall. This forms a capacitor when charged with AC voltage. When the rod is immersed in a liquid media, the capacitance value become function of immersed length.

With probe fixed vertically downward, immersion length is proportional to the liquid level. Hence, capacitance of the probe become function of liquid level.
An electronic module inside NC57 converts the capacitance value to level measurement and transit as linear analog signals in voltage or current form.


Key Features:

  • Rugged design
  • IP67 ingress protection
  • Built in electronic module
  • Easy setup and installation

Key Specifications:

  • Sensing technology: Capacitance sensor cell
  • Level measuring range: 400 ~ 2000 mm (other range on special order)
  • Operating pressure: 10 bar max.
  • Operating ambient and media temperature: max. 80° C
  • Number of electrodes: 1
  • Process connection: threaded G 1/2, G 1
  • Ingress protection: IP67
  • Supply Voltage: 9 ~ 32 VDC
  • Output Signal: (0) 4 -20mA / (0) 1 – (5) 10V
  • Electrical connection: male M12 type round shell connector
  • Housing: stainless steel
  • Media contact: blank rod of stainless steel 1.4404, ECTFE coated


Application areas:

  • Water, DM Water
  • Effluent, industrial discharge
  • Diesel, lubricants, hydrocarbons

Industrial areas:

  • Power plants
  • Marine, shipping, ship building
  • Manufacturing industries
  • Chemical and process plants
  • Hydrocarbon, oil & gas
  • Environment system
  • Water, effluent treatment system