Fischer NC56 – Capacitance type liquid level transmitter – water, diesel, sewage

Fischer NC56 is accurate, rugged liquid level transmitter based on capacitance measurement.  It is suitable for level monitoring of both conductive media like water, conductive chemicals, etc and non-conductive media like diesel, sewage, effluent, chemicals, hydrocarbons etc.

It offer online, continuous monitoring with industry standard analog signal output.


Fischer NC56 – Liquid Level transmitter based on capacitance sensor – diesel, effluent, water

pdf-imageRugged, long term stable, corrosion-resistant, capacitance based, level transmitter for non-conductive liquids (diesel, hydrocarbons, lubs) and conductive liquids (water, sewage etc)
Make: Fischer Messtechnik (Germany)
Model: NC56


Fischer NC56 is high accuracy level transmitter based of capacitance sensor. Due to media independent capacitance measuring method, NC56 can be installed to any material container, be it plastic or metallic. It can be configured for measuring depth of 400 to 2000 mm.


Fischer NC56 - capacitance based level monitor for water, diesel, hydrocarbons
Fischer NC56 – capacitance based level monitor for water, diesel, hydrocarbons

Working Principle:

Fischer NC56 is works on principle of change in capacitance due to rise in quantity of media (dielectric) between two electrodes. Therefore, it can be installed for monitoring of level of any kind of liquid, including conductive liquids eg. water, sewage, DM Water, chemicals, or non-conductive liquids like diesel, effluent, hydrocarbons, lubricants etc.

A capacitor model is formed when two parallel rods with fixed distance between them is charged with AC voltage. When these rods are immersed in a liquid medium, the capacitance value become function immersed length. With the probes fixed vertically downward, the immersed length is proportional to the liquid level. The capacitance of the probes is therefore function of the length.
An electronic module of NC56 converts the capacitance value to level measurement and transmits in linear standard analog electrical signal form.


Key Features:

  • Rugged design and construction
  • IP67 ingress protection
  • Easy configuration
  • EC type approval

Key Specifications:

  • Sensing technology: Capacitance sensor cell
  • Level measuring range: 400 ~ 2000 mm (other range on special order)
  • Operating pressure: 10 bar max.
  • Operating ambient and media temperature: max. 80° C
  • Number of electrodes: 2 ( or 3 for diesel applications)
  • Process connection: threaded G 1 1/4in (male), with protective tube: G 2″ male
  • Ingress protection: IP67
  • Supply Voltage: 9 ~ 32 VDC
  • Output Signal: (0) 4 -20mA / (0) 1 – (5) 10V
  • Electrical connection: male M12 type round shell connector
  • Media contact: stainless steel 1.4404, ECTFE, shrinking plastic tube (polyolefine)
  • Approval: EC type approval acc. to 72/245/EEC, 95/54/EC, type approval no. e13*72/245*95/54*2182*00


Application areas:

  • Water, DM Water
  • Effluent, industrial discharge
  • Diesel, lubricants, hydrocarbons

Industrial areas:

  • Power plants
  • Marine, shipping, ship building
  • Manufacturing industries
  • Chemical and process plants
  • Hydrocarbon, oil & gas
  • Environment system
  • Water, effluent treatment system