Fischer ME56T – electro-pneumatic liquid level transmitter

Fischer ME56T is electro-pneumatic level transmitter for online, continuous monitoring of any aggressive or non-aggressive liquid level in tank or container. The instrument is based on hydrostatic pressure monitoring principle.


Fischer ME56T – Electropneumatic Liquid level transmitter – aggressive media

pdf-imageonline, continuous tank, container level monitoring of liquids using hydrostatic electro-pneumatic method
Make: Fischer Messtechnik (Germany)
Model: ME56T


Fischer ME56T is an electro-pneumatic liquid level transmitter for precise measurement of fluid fill levels. It use principle of measuring hydrostatic pressure using a resistance pressure measuring cell inside tanks or systems that feature pressure equalisation with the atmosphere.

Fischer ME56T - Electropneumatic liquid level transmitter / monitor
Fischer ME56T – Electropneumatic liquid level transmitter / monitor


 Working Principle:

Fischer ME56T electro-pneumatic level transmitter uses “bubbling-through principle”. Compressed air is Continuously bubbled into sounding tube and into the liquid, via throttle. Thus, a pressure start building up equal to level pressure in the liquid.

The pressure sensor measure this pressure and the transmitter’s electronic converts this into an analog current signal, which is proportional to the fluid level.

In case the pressure inside the sounding tube exceeds the admissible overpressure of the pressure sensor, the connection to the pressure sensor is interrupted by the safety valve, thus protecting it from overload and damage.
A check valve prevents the backflow of fluid from the sounding valve into the air supply.


Key Features:

  • Robust design
  • Resistant against aggressive media
  • Measuring cell made from 99.6% AL2O3 ceramic (coated)
  • Compact design
  • No moving parts
  • Flow-proportional output signal
  • Plant pressure possible as second output signal

    Fischer ME56T - liquid level transmitter - function diagram
    Fischer ME56T – liquid level transmitter – function diagram

Key Specifications:

  • Measuring range: 40.0 mbar ~ 1.6 bar
  • Excess pressure protection: up to maximum supply pressure (7 bar)
  • Linearity: ± 0.5% of measuring range
  • Hysteresis: < 0.1 % of measuring range
  • Permissible ambient & medium temperature: -20° C ~ +60° C
  • Sounding tube pressure connection: internal thread G 1″
  • Pressure port for compressed air supply: internal thread G 1/4″
  • Material for medium contact: CrNi steel 1.4571 and 1.4305; chemically nickel-plated brass, ceramics, FPM
  • Protection class: IP65 as per DIN EN 60529
  • Power supply: 24 VDC
  • Output: 4~20mA, 2-wire
  • Compressed air supply: 2 ~ 7 bar, pure dry and oil free

Industrial areas:

  • Marine, shipping
  • process industries
  • paint, chemical
  • water treatment