Fischer MA12 – Industrial Pressure Gauge – Liquids, Gases

Fischer MA12 is rugged, industrial performance pressure gauge / manometer, suitable for liquids and gases. It is suitable for high demanding conditions eg. pressure shock, vibrations and high demand of breaking capacity.


Fischer MA12 – Industrial Pressure Gauge (shock, vibration resistant) – Liquid, Air

pdf-imageIndustrial, pressure shock resistant, suitable for high demand working industrial conditions, suitable for liquids, gases
Make: Fischer Messtechnik (Germany)
Model: MA12


Fischer MA12 is rugged designed, industrial grade pressure gauge with indicator dial, for high demand working conditions, thus sustaining pressure shocks, vibrations, high demand on breaking capacity.

The overpressure safe measuring system guarantees high operational safety. The pressure chamber and measuring diaphragm are available in different materials to meet application and installation requirements. It is suitable for all liquids and gases application.


Fischer MA12 – Industrial Pressure Gauge – for high demanding conditions

Working Principle:

Fischer MA12 is based on rugged and uncomplicated diaphragm movement, suitable for overpressure and partial vacuum pressure measurement.

Forces of the springs on both sides of the diaphragm are balanced during non-operative state. Pressure or vacuum measured creates an unbalanced force of the springs until a new balance is reached. When excessive pressure is applied, diaphragm rests on metal supporting plates. A centre-mounted tappet transfers motion of the diaphragm system to indicator movement and operating elements of micro-switches.


Key Features:

  • Vibration resistant
  • Long service life
  • Robust and rugged measuring system
  • Overpressure protected

Key Specifications:

  • Measuring range: 0 ~ 400 mbar to 0 ~ 25 bar
  • Nominal pressure: 25 bar
  • Max. overpressure: safe upto nominal pressure, vacuum safe
  • Accuracy: ± 1.6% of full scale
  • Mounting : vertical, pressure port downward (rear)
  • Permissible ambient temperature: -10° C to +70° C
  • Permissible media temperature: max. 70° C
  • Pressure connection: G 1/2 male thread acc. to DIN EN 837
  • Protection: IP54 in accordance with DIN 60529
  • Measuring system:
    • range < 16 bar: Diaphragm measuring system, reinforced elastomer diaphragm
    • Range 0~25 bar: Diaphragm measuring system, DURATHERM diaphragm
  • Pressure chamber: aluminum GkAlSi10Mg, varnished black; aluminum GkAlSi10Mg with HART-COAT surface protection, chrome-nickel-steel 1.4305
  • Material, media: stainless steel 1.4310, 1.4305
  • Material, housing: macrolon

Application areas:

  • Process and plant engineering
  • Hydraulics
  • Pneumatics
  • Heating and air-conditioning technology

Industrial areas:

  • Marine, shipping
  • process industries
  • paint, chemical
  • water treatment