Fischer DS1102VD – Flender / Siemens Volumetric Flow Meter

Fischer offers, DS1102VD is lubricant / oil flow meter cum control, based on differential pressure created across orifice plate. OE customers like Siemens, Flender uses DS1102VD as oil flow meter in their mill lube gear box etc.

As DS11 can be used with relatively clean and non-corrosive gases and liquids, it is used for measurement and control of positive or negative gauge pressure, differential pressure, vacuum pressure, flow monitoring, level monitoring of all gases, liquids, oil, lubricant and hydrocarbons.


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for flow measurement of all liquids, lubricants, chemicals, oil flow indicator
volume flow rate measuring device DS1102VD in Flender / Siemens mills
Make: Fischer Messtechnik (Germany)
Model: DS1102VD01BK (DS1102VDYYBKD062)

Fischer DS1102VD - Flender / Siemens Volumetric Flow Meter
Fischer DS1102VD – Flender / Siemens Volumetric Flow Meter

Fischer DS1102VD is indicator cum switch for measurement and control for pressure, differential pressure, vacuum pressure, liquid & gas flow, and liquid level. Many OE manufacturer uses Fischer DS1102VD as flow monitor for monitoring and control of non-corrosive liquids, oil, hydrocarbons in roller press gear box and other various applications.

Thus, DS1102VD is used by many companies including Siemens / Flender in volume flow monitoring system for mill lubricant, oils etc in cement plants, power plants etc.

Working Principle:

Fischer DS1102VD works on principle of creation of differential pressure across orifice plate. Differential pressure, thus, created is calibrated for flow rate of liquid, oil, lubricants passing through orifice opening.

Key Features:

Onsite Installation as Flow meter - Fischer DS1102VD
Onsite Installation as Flow meter – Fischer DS11
  • Measurement range : 0~16 bar
  • Static operating pressure: 25 bar
  • Measuring Diaphragm / Gaskets: Viton (all ranges up to 16 bar)
  • Pressure Chamber:  Aluminum HART-COAT
  • Pressure connection: Female thread G 1/4
  • Switches : 2 x adjustable microswitches
  • Electrical connection: Cable Terminal box
  • Type: orifice
  • Indicator scale: 0~100%
  • Max. oil flow rate: 150 LPM
  • Suitable for servomash SP 320 Oil
  • Robust design with high repeatability

Applications areas:

  • Volume flow monitoring of lubricants oil, mill oil
  • Gearbox lubricant flow monitoring
  • Flow measurement – lubricants, oil, hydrocarbons, water, gases

Industrial areas:

  • Cement plants
  • Nuclear plants, coal or gas fired power plants
  • hydro power plants
  • Manufacturing and chemical plants

Process Safety & Certifications:

All devices produced by Fischer, are inline with the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.
Devices for safety-relevant applications in nuclear-technical plants are subject to the extended requirements according to KTA (Kerntechnischer Ausschuss) 1401. 3505 and 3507 standards and rules, IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) and of IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission).

They attest the successful qualification of FISCHER Mess-und Regeltechnik GmbH as an executing company (contractor assessment), type testing of devices for safety-relevant processes, execution of relevant testing as well as evidence of operational reliability of assemblies.

High manufacturing penetration aims at expressing an almost authentic production, high quality standard and short-term response to customer needs.
Assembly and testing of measuring devices is ensured at especially provided production facilities. In addition, artificial ageing is created for ensuring the interaction of components. Thus, offering best time tested process instruments, far better than competitor. Hence, it is no surprise that Fischer is OE supplier to many process companies including Siemens, Wilo, Voith, ABB, BWM etc.