Fischer DE40 – Versatile, compact DP Transmitter for liquid, gas

Fischer DE40 is highly versatile, compact pressure transmitter for differential pressure, absolute pressure and partial vacuum monitoring. It is suitable for non-aggressive liquid and gas media.

DE40 can be installed in HVAC, building & commercial application, pharma, clean room etc.


Fischer DE40 – Ceramic membrane DP Transmitterpdf-image

ceramic measuring membrane in brass pressure chamber, for liquid and gas pressure monitoring
Make: Fischer Messtechnik (Germany)
Model: DE40

Fischer DE40 is versatile, compact pressure measurement transmitter for differential pressure, absolute pressure or partial vacuum pressure monitoring for liquids, water and gases.

It suitable for industrial and commercial applications including HVAC, pump monitoring etc.

Fischer DE40 - DP Transmitter for liquids, gases
Fischer DE40 – DP Transmitter for liquids, gases

Working Principle:

Pressure chamber of the DE40 can be made of brass or stainless steel. There are also several options for the process connection.

DE40 is equipped with a non-sensitive ceramic pressure measuring cell. The measuring bridge is pressed directly into the ceramic membrane by means of a thick layer technology.

The measuring pressure acts on the membrane which in turn deforms. In turn, bridge resistors change and a voltage signal that is proportional to the measuring pressure is created. The electronics integrated into the transmitter housing convert this signal into analog signal 0-10V or 4-20mA.


Key Features:

  • Versatile application
  • compact size
  • Variable connection technology

    Fischer De40 - internal schematic diagram
    Fischer DE40 – internal schematic diagram

Key Specifications:

  • Measuring range: 0 ~ 0.6 bar to 0 ~ 10.0 bar
  • Safety pressure: on (+) side 10~25 bar, on (-) side 5 ~ 25 bar
  • Bursting pressure on both sides: 64 bar
  • Temperature error: +15° C ~ +25° C
  • Characteristic curve deviation: < 1%
  • Operating ambient temperature: -20° C to +80° C
  • Operating media temperature (non-freezing media): -20° C to +80° C
  • EMV: EN 61326-1:2013, EN 61326-2-3:2013
  • Protection class: IP65 per DIN EN 60529
  • Electrical output: 4-20mA or 0-10V, 3 – wire
  • Power supply: 24 V DC/ AC
  • Pressure chamber (media contact): Brass CW614N or stainless steel 1.4305
  • Sensor membrane: ceramic (Al2O3) with a parylene coating

Application areas:

  • Differential pressure measurement between supply and return in heating system
  • Filters, fan and compressor monitoring
  • Pump monitoring system

Industrial areas:

  • Industrial Differential pressure, absolute pressure equipments
  • Sanitary equipments
  • Air conditioning and ventilation systems
  • HVAC and ventilation application
  • Environment monitoring