Differential Pressure Transmitter – Water, liquid, Gas

Flash point detection is one of important criteria for determining oil, petroleum product quality and identification. With flash point tester, various standard method can be implemented to determine flash point – Cleveland method, Pensky-Martens methods, Tag method, Abel method.


Differential Pressure Transmitter – water, liquids, gas

for pressure monitoring of water, liquids, waste water, sewage, gases
Model: DPTL

Flash point tester / Flammability test has various options and accessories to suit testing methods. It can tests according to standardized methods in the temperature range of -30 °C to 400 °C to cover a wide range of applications.

This includes – Flaspetrochemical field, calibration and regulation authorities, transportation and shipping, engineering, waste management and the cosmetics and food industries.

Differential Pressure Transmitter - Water, liquids, Gases
Differential Pressure Transmitter – Water, liquids, Gases

Key Features:

  • Automatic sample changer
  • On-site calibration
  • Multi-detector functionality check
  • Small scale samples


Technical Specifications:

  • Measuring Parameters: Differential pressure, absolute pressure, vacuum pressure
  • Media: Water, waste water, sewage, liquids, gas, air
  • Measuring range: 0- 10 kPa (0~ 0.1 bar) to 0 – 2500 kPa (0 – 25 bar)
  • Response time: < 5 m sec
  • Temperature coefficient: 0.1% of full scale / deg cel
  • Ambient temperature: -15 ~ +80 deg cel
  • Media temperature: -15 ~ +80 deg cel
  • Pressure connection: for 6mm copper tube
  • Cable: 3 or 2 wire cable, 1.5 m length
  • Diaphragm Material: Ceramic
  • Sensor Housing: Stainless Steel
  • Ingress protection: IP65
  • EMC guidelines: EN50081-1 Emission, EN50082-1 Immunity


  • Pump status monitoring
  • Tank level monitor
  • Duct pressure monitor
  • Chilled water line pressure monitor
  • Filter / AHU monitor
  • Air volume monitor