Centrifugal Roof Supply Fan – SAF

Prepunched mounting holes and 21⁄2 inch skirt to aid in installation Ductwork (by others) Duct adapter (optional) allows ductwork to be completed prior to setting unit on curb
Roof curb Roof opening dimensions can be found with the dimensional data on the performance pages.
Note: In cases where extreme snow depths may be
encountered, a curb extension may be required to
raise unit or condensation pans may be required
in ductwork.



Centrifugal Roof Supply Fan – SAF


Greenheck’s Model SAF is a roof mounted supply air fan designed to provide non-tempered, filtered make-up air. These belt drive fans are available in five sizes.
• Double-width forward-curved centrifugal wheel results in high efficiency and low sound levels.
• Performance ranging from 820 cfm (1,393 m3/hr) to 14,000 cfm (23,786 m3/hr) with up to 3.5 in. wg (869 Pa) of static pressure.
• Permanent washable aluminum filters result in many years of reliable use.
• Performance as cataloged is assured. All fan sizes have been tested in an AMCA Accredited Laboratory and are licensed to bear the AMCA Sound and Air Performance Seal.
• Fan components are subjected to extensive life testing, assuring you the fans will provide many years of reliable performance.