Centrifugal Inline Fans – SQ / BSQ

Duct mounted supply, exhaust or return fans shall be of the centrifugal, direct-driven, inline type. The fan housing shall be of a square design constructed of heavy-gauge galvanized steel or aluminum and shall include square duct mounting collars. Fan construction shall include two removable access panels located perpendicular to the motor mounting panel. The access panels must be of sufficient size to permit easy access to all interior components. The fan wheel shall be centrifugal, backward-inclined, constructed of aluminum, and shall include a wheel cone carefully matched to the inlet cone for precise running tolerances. Wheels shall be statically and dynamically balanced. Motors shall be permanently lubricated and carefully matched to the fan loads. Motors shall be readily accessible for maintenance. A NEMA-1 disconnect switch shall be provided as standard, except with explosion resistant motors, where disconnects are optional. Factory wiring shall be provided from motor to the handy box. All fans shall bear the AMCA Certified Ratings Seal for Sound and Air Performance.



Centrifugal Inline Fans – SQ / BSQ

Greenheck’s model SQ and BSQ centrifugal inline fans feature a unique combination of installation flexibility, rugged construction, ease of service, high efficiency and low sound levels. These compact inline fans are the ideal selection for indoor clean air applications including intake, exhaust, return or make-up air systems where space is a prime consideration. The need for costly square-to-round transition pieces is eliminated reducing installation costs. The square housing design, compact size and straight-thru airflow also give the system designer the flexibility to mount SQ and BSQ fans in any configuration – horizontal, vertical or at any angle.

  • Broadest performance in the industry, up to 4 in. wg (1,000 Pa) and 28,000 cfm (47,000 m3/hr).
  • Performance as cataloged is assured. All fan sizes are tested in our AMCA Accredited Laboratory, and all models are licensed to bear the AMCA Sound and Air Performance seals.
  • UL Listed for Electrical.
  • These Greenheck products are subjected to extensive life testing to assure the fans will provide many years of reliable performance.