Centrifugal fans – Backward inclined and airfoil

Backward inclined airfoil centrifugal fans for industrial and commercial application with AMCA certification for performance and sound with best available performance efficiency. These can be used as industrial blower, process fans, space pressurisation in most demanding conditions.


Make: Greenheck, USApdf-image
Model: BISW and AFSW

Greenheck’s airfoil and backward inclined centrifugal fans are designed to provide efficient and reliable
operation for commercial and industrial applications. Our products are manufactured with state of the art laser, forming, spinning and welding equipment and endure our quality control testing to ensure trouble free start-up. Greenheck centrifugal models include industry leading design features to ensure your ventilation equipment has the latest technologies available.

Industrial centrifugal fan with Airfoil

Available with Greenheck Centrifugal Products
• AMCA Sound Certified Ratings Seal for both inlet and outlet sound
• AMCA Air Certified Ratings Seal
• All-Welded design construction
• Concentric mount bearings with industry’s highest cataloged bearing life
• Corrosion resistant, electrotatically applied and baked powder coatings
• Both belt and direct drive configurations
• Three plane, six channel vibration analysis on all manufactured centrifugal models

Greenheck’s centrifugal products are specified to handle a variety of commercial and industrial projects.
Typical applications include:
• General Supply, Return or Exhaust Systems
• Filter Houses and dust collectors
• Emergency Smoke Exhaust (buildings, car parks, etc.)
• Built-up or Custom Air Handlers
• Restaurant Grease Exhaust
• Spark Resistant Fume Exhaust
• Stairwell Pressurization
• Corrosive Fume Exhaust
• Process Heat Exhaust
• Grain Drying