Oxytrans M – portable dissolved oxygen monitor – liquids, gases

OXYTRANS M is a portable, optical oxygen sensor for measurement of O2 in liquids and gases. A typical application is the oxygen measurement in boiler feed water and in protective atmospheres.


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Make: Centec GmbH (Germany)
Model: Oxytrans M

Oxytrans M is state-of-art portable, battery operated instrument for continuous measurement of dissolved oxygen in liquids and gases. The instrument is designed for applications which require maximum sensitivity and highest level of accuracy. It is easy to operate and virtually maintenance-free.

Since oxytrans does not need any electrolyte solutions, nor any oxygen is consumed during the measurement, it offers precise measurement. It works optical measurement technology, based on the effect of luminescence quenching, i.e. the radiationless redistribution of excitation energy via molecular interaction.

Measurement technology / method:

A small glass component (also called ‘Optical window’) with thin layer of indicator molecule is installed in the measuring head. The indicator molecules are illuminated with blue-green light produced by an LED in the oxygen sensor. These molecules absorb the incident light and are promoted to a higher energy state. After a certain time the molecules convert back to their ground state, during which red light is emitted. The red light is detected inside in the sensor.
If O2 molecules are present the energy is transferred from the excited indicator molecules to the oxygen. This molecular interaction causes the excitation energy to be redistributed without any resultant radiation. The detected signal decreases with increasing concentration of oxygen molecules in the product. Other gases don’t absorb this energy, so they have no impact on the measurement result.

Internal Pt100 sensor automatically compensate any temperature drifts of the measured signals. The lightweight OXYTRANS M is a very sturdy portable due to its IP65 rated aluminium housing. Hoses are easily connected.


Key Features:

Oxytrans M - Portable Dissolved oxygen monitor
Oxytrans M – Portable Dissolved oxygen monitor
  • Optical technology; no need for electrolyte and membrane changes
  • Short response time and excellent long-term stability
  • Applicable for a wide range of concentrations and temperatures
  • Highly accurate and virtually maintenance-free
  • Sturdy aluminum housing (IP 65)

Key Specifications:

  • Liquid Phase Measuring Range: I) 1 ppb – 2 ppm or II) 30 ppb – 35 ppm
  • Liquid Phase Accuracy : I) ± 1 ppb or II) ± 30 ppb
  • Gas Phase Measuring Range: I) 0 – 4.2 % O2 or II) 0 – 50 % O2
  • Gas Phase Accuracy: I) ± 0.002 % O2 or II) ± 0.03 % O2
  • Response Time: t90 ≤ 10 s
  • Material: 1.4404/AISI 316L, silicone (FDA), PTFE (FDA)
  • Datalogging: manual and automatic with a logging time of 5 to 600 seconds; approx. 5,000 measurement values; PC software and USB-interface
  • Power Supply: battery operated