Acrolein gas sensor transmitter – ppm detector, flameproof, fixed

Acrolein gas sensor transmitter XGST series is design for online, continuous, fixed location measurement of ppm level toxic monitoring.  XGST series is explosion proof sensor transmitter with ATEX and safety integrity level SIL 2 certified for hazardous area Zone 1, 2 installation. It is designed as per OSHA, WHO work safety guidelines.

It is available with LCD Display, on-board relay contacts, flashing alarm LEDs, auto diagnostic watch dog, non-intrusive calibration, with industry standard linear analog output.


Acrolein gas sensor – ppm detection, flameproof

online, continuous detection and monitoring of toxic level of acrolein gas / vapour in ppm terms as per OSHA, WHO guidelines; with / without display, contact relays, flashing alarm LEDs, RS485 serial interface with Modbus RTU protocol

Model: XGST-058 Series

About Acrolein:

Acrolein is a clear, colorless, or yellow liquid with a pungent, suffocating odor. It is very flammable and may polymerize violently. Acrolein should be stored in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area in tightly sealed containers. It should be kept separated from alkaline materials such as caustics, ammonia, organic amines, or mineral acids, strong oxidizers, and oxygen. Acrolein is soluble in water, alcohol, ether, and acetone. The smell of burnt fat (as when cooking oil is heated to its smoke point) is caused by glycerol as the burning fat breaking down to acrolein.

Check material safety datasheet (MSDS) for more details.

About Acrolein detector:

XGST series acrolein gas sensor transmitter is highly robust, industrial grade, flameproof / explosion proof instrument for toxic level detection in ppm terms. It is fixed type instrument for online continuous monitoring in ambient or duct air. Due to its industry standard analog or digital output, it can be connected to any standard controller or SCADA system for monitoring and alarm purpose.

The detector comes with suitable mounting kit for wall, ceiling, duct installation. Hence, these can measure gas concentration in ambient as well as duct / pipe air. It is ATEX EEx’d’ certified with SIL 2 safety integrity level for hazardous area installation Zone 1 and 2.

Acrolein gas sensor transmitter is based on highly reliable electro-chemical sensing technology for slightest detection. It has unique feature of auto diagnostic watch dog with zero point tracking feature. Due to its 10-bit microprocessor based control unit, it offer high accuracy over long term. Sintered filter with flashback arrestor is provided for enhanced safety.

Acrolein gas sensor - ppm detection OSHA, WHO guidelines
Acrolein gas sensor – ppm detection OSHA, WHO guidelines

Key Features:

  • Electro-chemical sensor cell with specific sensitivity
  • 10-bit microprocessor control unit
  • Non-intrusive one-man calibration via hall effect switches
  • ATEX certified explosion proof / flameproof, suitable for Zone 1, 2 gas explosion installation
  • Linear, proportional analog industry standard current output
  • Continuous system self-diagnosis with watch dog
  • Flashback arrestor with sintered filter
  • Auto Zero point tracking to zero point compensation
  • RS485 serial interface with Modbus RTU communication (optional)
  • 1 or 3 relay output module (optional)
  • System and alarm LED indicators (optional)
  • Modbus RTU communication over RS485 serial interface

Technical Specifications:

  • Measuring Parameters: acrolein gas
  • Sensor Technology: Electro-chemical sensor cell
  • Measuring range: 0 ~ 10 ppm
  • Response time (t90): < 30 sec
  • Control unit: 10 bit microprocessor based
  • Warm up time: < 5 mins
  • Auto zero point tracking for drift compensation
  • Power supply: 24V DC
  • Ingress protection: IP66
  • Enclosure: anti-static epoxy coated metal alloy
  • Output: linear, proportional 4-20mA
  • Mounting: wall, duct, pipeline
  • ATEX marking:
    • CE 722 Ex II 2G EEx d IIC T6
    • CE 722 Ex II 3G EEx nA IIC T6
  • Optional: LCD Display, alarm LEDs, potential free relay contacts
  • Hazardous area: Zone 1, 2


  • Insecticides, pesticides
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Chemical plants