Chemical industry is one of most demanding sector with respect to performance, instruments life, chemical-industry-ventilation-products-detectorsaccuracy, material-in-contact selection and safety. Each chemical industry differs from other, thereby every establishment demand special attention. We supply equipments and instrumentation adapted to meet these special needs.

Ventilation and air handling products:
We supply a range of equipment to the chemical industry, from fans for process heating and cooling, to compressors that are used for gas compression and processing, axial fans, centrifugal fans, exhaust fans, ventilators, dampers for air control etc. Fans can be supplied to be gas tight and made of special materials to resist corrosion while blowers and turbo-compressors are supplied to provide air for carbon black plants and for sulphuric acid plants.

Diaphragm compressors maintain the highest cleanliness of gas being compressed, preventing gas contamination by means of complete separation from mechanical lubrication and the external atmosphere.  Diaphragm compressors are frequently used for offloading and for gas transfer, and have a high pressure capability for reactor feeding.

Piston compressors are custom designed with regards to materials and instrumentation for handling complex chemical gases. Gas properties during compression are considered and package equipment designs and performances are adjusted accordingly.

Process Instruments
We also offer various instruments for highly demanding chemical industry eg. pressure transmitter, pressure gauge, pressure switch, differential pressure transmitter with chemical resistant diaphragm, float switches for various chemicals, level transmitter, Gas detectors for all toxic gases, flow monitor, portable instruments, along with complete integration with ventilation products eg. fans, dampers control etc.

Fire & Smoke Monitor
Because of presence of thousands of chemical particles and suspended particle, there is no detector available which give continous performance without false alarms for smoke and fire monitoring. “Smoke Snifer” early smoke and fire monitoring system is ideal and perfect solution for such dusty and high demanding industry. Due to its unique detection technology, it works without any false alarm generation in any area including gas banks, electrical panels, furnace, kiln, stockyard, sheds etc. Since these detectors are addressable, you can pin-point location of smoke generation.

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