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We are one of fastest growing supplier and system integrator for products and solutions for process monitoring – pressure, flow, level, velocity, temperature, moisture, TDS, gas concentration, conductivity etc; safety monitoring – toxic and flammable gases detection; air handling & ventilation, water treatment; and control & automation. We also offer building automation system (BMS) solutions to our clients. We cater to all commercial and industrial segment including cement, pharmaceuticals, brewery, dairy, power plants, mines, building etc.

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Process Monitor & Instrumentation

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Control & Automation System

We offer PLC automation, BMS implementation with efficient and seamless integration with field instruments for pressure, flow, gas, velocity, level as well as fire & smoke and access control system, to all type of industries including pharma, HVAC, defense, automation and so on.

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Gas Detection

We are one of few companies providing complete gas detection and control products and solutions for all toxic, flammable gases for all type of industries and application incl. parking, pharma, cold storage, building ventilation, marine, automobile etc for both safe and hazardous (explosion proof) applications. Read More

Industrial Fans

We offer air movement and control equipment that includes fans – axial, centrifugal, exhaust, fresh air, radial blowers, dampers, louvers, kitchen ventilation hoods, and energy recovery and make-up air units, from Greenheck, USA.

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Level Monitor

for all liquids, sewage, foam, chemicals etc. Products including float switch, level transmitter – contact type, capacitive type, non-contact infra-red type, hydrostatic etc.

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Pressure Monitor

Products for pressure, differential pressure, vacuum pressure, over pressure monitoring, switch, transmitter, gauge for air, liquid, water, chemicals, hydrocarbons, non-aggressive and aggressive air and liquids.

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Our Clients

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